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Ala carte convenience. Choose only the services you want.

Founded in 1990, the core concept of Bauer Associates is to provide high-level marketing direction with whatever degree of participation the client requires.  This off-payroll, ala carte approach allows companies to choose a program that works best for their needs and budget.

For several clients, Bauer Associates essentially functions as the marketing department, developing and implementing a complete program.  Others use Bauer Associates to handle specific projects and programs that exceed their internal staff capacity.  One large company, for example, retained Bauer Associates to develop and manage a series of technical seminars for their customers on topics ranging from desktop publishing to relevance marketing.

In short, we bring the skills, knowledge and experience that count when you want to kick start a campaign.  Bauer Associates comes with no fluff, no frills and no nonsense. Just proven expertise in core areas that make the difference between success and failure.

  • Marketing Strategy. We’ll help you develop integrated marketing strategies from the only viewpoint that counts – the customer’s. Let us apply our expertise to help you better understand customer preferences, improve the customer experience and build sales.
  • Business Development. Maybe the phones aren’t ringing off the hook and you need to develop new strategies. We’ll help you find better ways to attract new customers and gain more share of existing customers whether you operate in the consumer or b-to-b segments.
  • Direct Marketing. If a marketing consultant lacks solid direct marketing experience, you might want to run the other way. Targeting, relevant content and metrics should inform more than just your direct marketing campaigns, and we know how to put those principles to work.
  • Content Strategy. We developed kick-butt content-strategy programs long before anyone coined the phrase. Lean on us to develop and execute programs that engage your audiences, generate leads and improve branding while integrating with your broader strategy.


Contact Info

301 N. Water Street
Batavia, IL 60510
Mobile- 708-610-9914

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