A New Solution to an Old Problem

Founded in 1990, the concept of Bauer Associates is to provide high-level marketing direction with whatever degree of participation the client requires.  This off-payroll, ala carte approach allows companies to choose a program that works best for their needs and budget.

For several clients, Bauer Associates essentially functions as the marketing department, developing and implementing a complete program.  Others use Bauer Associates to handle specific projects and programs that exceed their internal staff capacity.  One large company, for example, retained Bauer Associates to develop and manage a series of technical seminars for their customers on topics ranging from desktop publishing to relevance marketing.

Marketing services provided by Bauer Associates include:

  • Market Research
  • Plan Development
  • Database Management
  • Design & Creative Services
  • Event Management

In addition, Bauer Associates has successful experience developing and implementing telemarketing sales programs.


Contact Info

301 N. Water Street
Batavia, IL 60510
P- 630-406-8595
M- 708-610-9914

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